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NSBKIM is the monicker of Toronto-based photographer. With an energetic approach to capturing personalities, she is immensely drawn to the story behind every face, every image. Nancy’s approach is very immersive; her direction while shooting portrait work is vocal and hands on.  She seeks and brings out the best of her subjects. When working behind the scenes, she takes a fly-on-the-wall candid approach, ensuring that she highlights the essence of each moment. 

Her strong desire to create bold images is matched by her strong work ethic.  With experience in collaborating across multiple industries and genres, Nancy is armed with a sharp professionalism that begins from conception of a project, into the production and shooting phase, all the way to the finish line at the post-edit stage.  

Nancy brings raw enthusiasm to every project in her pursuit of powerful images for her clients while adding to her ever-growing catalogue of stories to tell. Ask her about any one of her photographs and you are sure to hear a detailed description of her experience capturing them. 

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